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With concepts such as careconceptLine and hotAir, Devapo offers target group-oriented solutions tailored to the healthcare sector. With our high-quality Advanced Food Processing Technology, we offer preparation and regeneration solutions that suit your situation (fresh, chilled, Sous Vide, frozen, convenience products). With the top brands careconceptLine and hotAir, we offer a solution that is completely tailored to your target group. Based on our many years of experience within your target group, our specialized teams are glad to give you custom-made advice. Always with a professional, transparent and personal approach. Together with you, for you.

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“Devapo has good service, great products and what I particularly appreciate is the implementation process.”

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Small-scale living

A homely environment, a safe and friendly place, tasty and nutritious meals, combined with professional guidance. Clients’ well-being is central to small-scale living. These demand-driven client principles must be translated into a maximum balance between quality, process control, regulations and costs.

Devapo offers the solution with the specially developed careconceptLine and hotAir.

  • careconceptLine built-in combi-steamers
  • careconceptLine built-in convection ovens
  • careconceptLine built-in dishwashing machines
  • careconceptLine built-in chillers/refrigerators/freezers
  • hotAir convection ovens
  • complete furniture construction and more total unburdening

As a product specialist in the field of small-scale living, we offer you measurable added value; years of experience within the sector, a broad and target group-oriented assortment, state-of-the-art technology, function guarantee, all with a completely own production, prevention and intervention service. This full service philosophy goes from consultation, implementation to after-sales service.

Regeneration and preparation

Basic principles for regeneration

  • Solving the demand and capacity needs from location (location) or time (flexibility)
  • Limited/no preparation under “own” management
  • Regulations
  • Cost price

Present day

  • Decentralisatie naar groep- en cliëntniveau
  • Oplossen van de vraag-, flexibiliteits- en capaciteitsbehoeften vanuit klantlocatie gedachten
  • Kostenbeheersing
  • Voldoen aan de strenge regelgeving
  • Ontbreken van vakspecialisten

Near future

  • (Group and) Client level is central
  • Maximum flexibility
  • High food quality and variety
  • Experience
  • Complying with (strict) regulations

The greater the customer / client focus, flexibility and product quality, the more important the technology to achieve these objectives. The decreasing “knowledge” will have to be translated more than ever into “smart equipment” in order to be able to meet the above principles. In this new vision and market developments, the role of the new generation of equipment is that of the device that takes over the “missing” knowledge. In addition to setting up small-scale living, hospitals, extra-moral and childcare are familiar grounds for us.

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