Continuity and profitability

We offer the food processing industry quality, quantity and, above all, reliability. The continuity of your production process is paramount. Both the machines for your industrial kitchen and our service specialists are at your service 24/7. Our industrial drive-in models are designed to process large volumes with minimum effort and operational costs. We have a wide range of accessories to make your work processes as simple and ergonomic as possible.

Industrial cooking equipment

Our Industrial combi steamers and convection ovens are extremely reliable and take your efficiency to the next level. With the hotAir maxi 108, which is a drive-in model, you can regenerate large volumes at once in an ergonomic way.

The IndustrialLine combi steamer is a high-quality combi steamer suitable for cooking, steaming, poaching, baking, grilling, roasting and regenerating. The IndustrialLine is specially designed to handle tough tasks. Ideal for when you want to keep production going day and night with as little downtime as possible. The perfect companion in your industrial kitchen.

Devapo offers the solution with the hotAir convection oven and the specially designed IndustrialLine combi steamer.

Our approach to industrial producers

A selection of our completed projects in the industry sector