careconcept built-in dishwashing machine FWD

The careconceptLine FWD is a professional built-in dishwasher that is comparable to those in your home. The FWD dishwasher, like the domestic one, works with a fresh water rinse system, offers several dishwashing programmes and is equipped with two baskets. The big difference is that the professional FWD dishwasher is 7 times faster, thermally disinfects the dishes and takes the work out of your hands thanks to the active pre-rinse and dry function and the automatic soap and rinse aid dispensing system. This makes the FWD dishwasher ideal for professional care such as nursing homes and hospitals, but also for nurseries, schools and offices.

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Discover the FWD.

  • Can be installed at an ergonomic height.

  • Uses fresh, clean water in each rinsing phase for an extremely hygienic cleaning result.

  • Includes thermal disinfection programme (A0 values = 12,000).

  • Includes short washing programme for lightly soiled dishes (60°C / ± 15 min.).

  • Quiet in use (51.7 dB).

  • With integrated automatic dosage for soap and rinse aid.

  • Includes integrated fully automatic water softener for guaranteed consistently good water quality, excellent cleaning results and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Automatic door locking for safety at high temperatures.



The dosing system ensures that the exact amount of detergent and rinse aid enters the dishwasher. This saves on consumption and costs, you are not hampered by stocks of dishwasher tablets and bottles of rinse aid standing in the way, staff do not come into contact with chemicals and the dishwasher can be started immediately after loading. The dishwasher tells you when the dosing device is nearly empty so that you can top it up in time.

When this function is activated, the door is automatically opened at the end of the washing programme to speed up the drying process.

The dishwasher is built in (at an ergonomic height) and attached to slide-out guides with a turntable (Roll-in / Roll-out Service System). This makes the dishwasher easily and quickly accessible by a single service technician, keeping service and maintenance costs under control and minimising downtime.

The FWD dishwasher works with a fresh water system instead of a wash tank. As a result, the FWD dishwasher only consumes energy during the wash cycle and not for maintaining the temperature of the water in the wash tank.

The FWD dishwasher is connected to both the hot and cold water pipes. This means that hot water is permanently available and the dishwasher is even faster. In the case of a loop, this quickly results in a 50% reduction in consumption costs.


Manual pre-rinsing is not necessary with a fresh water rinsing system. The dishwasher renews the water after each rinse cycle (pre-rinse, wash and rinse). This ensures an extremely hygienic cleaning result.

The filter system prevents food residues from entering the pump and is easy to remove for cleaning.

This programme rinses the dishes at 93°C so that they are disinfected at the end of the wash. It renders bacteria such as MRSA and viruses such as SARS-CoV and noro harmless.

The design of the bottom, the rounded corners of the bowl and the moulded basket guides prevent the accumulation of dirt and simplify the cleaning of the machine. In addition, the special bottom of the tub directs residues to the special filter and pump.


The FWD dishwasher cannot be opened during the thermal disinfection programme. This prevents unintentional interruption and incomplete disinfection, as a result of which bacteria and viruses are not completely rendered harmless. The safety lock is automatically unlocked at the end of the programme.

Shut off the water supply if there is a leak.

Protects glassware and delicate dishes by reducing the power of the water jets at the beginning of a wash programme and slowly increasing it to full power.

The dripping baskets therefore do not have to be lifted out of the machine, thus avoiding the danger of slipping on wet floors.



The FWD dishwasher comes with two extendable baskets with special compartments for glasses, plates, bowls and cutlery.

For guaranteed constant good water quality, excellent cleaning results and lower maintenance costs.

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