careconceptLine built-in combi-steamer mini

The careconceptLine built-in combi steamer mini is available in different sizes, but always with a compact width of only 595 mm for building into a cupboard or niche. This combi steamer is suitable for all cooking functions; boiling, steaming, poaching, baking, grilling, roasting and regenerating.

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Discover the careconceptLine mini.

  • Available in several sizes for preparing meals for 6 to 24 people

  • Extremely suitable for Hybrid Cooking

  • Very simple operation with a choice of touch or push button operation

  • Very high reliability and a long lifespan expectancy

  • Safe and ergonomical

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ACS + ensures the best cooking performance in every mini. it guarantees perfect steam saturation, automatic moisture adjustment with combi steamer and a fast and even heat transfer with hot air. The result: An ideal, consistent climate in the oven space for all products, from vegetables, meat and fish, to garnishes or baked goods – fresh, frozen or pre-cooked. Even with a full load, you always achieve very good evenness, softness and crispness. Our ACS works like the lid on the pan, which retains heat and moisture. The temperature rises quickly and less energy and water is needed.

The Convotherm mini comes standard with pre-programmed recipes so you, or ow employees can get started right after delivery or installation.

The oven chamber is able to dehumidify itself after a cooking or cleaning process.

Save time by entering the most frequently used processes as a selection program. After the selection program has been defined once, you or your employee need only select the correct program.

The tray timer gives a clear overview of the status of each individual tray. This allows you to load in the meantime.

Program yourself when processes start so that your daily flow is not interrupted. Automatic cleaning can be performed when no one is present.

With impact resistant glass window.

For a pleasant working direction/walking route in your kitchen, you can choose from a door that can be turned left or right.

The double glass door insulates the oven chamber, resulting in virtually no energy loss.

Core temperature measurement gives you optimal control over the cooking process. You know exactly when a product is cooked, even if it is still in the oven chamber.


The hanging racks are easy to keep clean because they are removable. This allows them to be cleaned outside the oven chamber.

The oven chamber is easy to keep clean because the corners are rounded. No food residue gets stuck in places that are hard to reach.

The stainless steel is easy to clean and is not affected by cleaning agents.


The Convotherm mini recognizes errors and converts them into error messages.

Roll-in / Roll-out Service System incl. turntable.

  • Enables built-in, service and maintenance work in an ergonomically sound manner in any room.
  • Because service and maintenance work can easily be carried out (by one technician), the costs for these activities are low / manageable.

Integrated condensation hood

  • Ensures optimal steam and condensation drainage so that the kitchen furniture is not affected by moisture.
  • Ensures a good climate in the room where the combi steamer is installed.

Stainless steel finishing front including filter for finishing in furniture pairing

  • This finishes the spaces between the cabinet and the combi steamer / condensate hood with piece design.
  • The perforations in this built-in frame optimizes the ventilation of the space between the combi steamer / condensation hood on the one hand and the cabinet on the other.

The careconceptLine built-in combi-steamer using this built-in set is the only one that is certified.

In case of error messages, the Convotherm mini can be put in emergency mode so that your product is not lost.


View the model overview for the total range.

Option from a dial control panel, or a touch screen with more features.

To be available freestanding for placement on the countertop or on a cabinet.

Electronically controlled locking for optimum safety in your department. The combi steamer door cannot be opened during the preparation / cleaning process! (Only with Premium Advanced option)

Increase user friendliness and safety with the fully extendable guide system to easily take your meals out of the oven.

Choice of 230VAC or 400VAC

This unique side extraction system ensures that no steam escapes when the door is opened, but instead extracts the steam and recirculates it in the condenser hood.

Imposing black design makes it ideal for front cooking.

Through the intelligent condensing technology, the escaping steam is condensed, so that no moisture escapes outside the combi steamer. This condensing technology is automatically controlled from the combi steamer


For connection between water supply and water filter system

Ask about the numerous possibilities for full interpretation of our devices in a new or renovated furniture / kitchen.

Consists of racks, basket and baking tray

For limescale removal prior to machine inlet, only in combination with connection set for water supply and drainage

For evaluation of HACCP documentation, incl. USB stick

Suspension guide system optionally for preparing baking and regeneration products.

  • Standard, for single servings on hotAir racks.
  • SG, for multiple servings on hotAir racks.
  • GN, voor 2/3 or 1/1 GN to hang in directly.

View specifications for the number and distances of the suspension guides.

A sneak preview.


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