convoChill blast chiller-freezer D4

The blast chiller-freezer-cooker guarantees safe conditioning (blast chilling – freezing) of all prepared products. All this according to HACCP standards. The preparation process is thus completely flexible and controllable for the customer. The blast chiller-freezer-cooker is suitable for; soft chilling +3°C, hard chilling +3°C and shock freezing – 18°C.

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Discover the blast chiller-freezer-cooker.

  • Wide range of fully equipped blast chiller-freezer-cookers, suitable for cooling, blast chilling (soft and hard), shock freezing and low temperature cooking.

  • Unique design, ideal for front cooking

  • Functional / fully automatic operation with choice of easyDial or easyTouch control concepts

  • Unrivalled reliability and ease of use

  • Minimal operating costs (energy, water and cleaner)


User friendliness

With 99 pre-programmable recipes.

The low temperature function heats up the blast chiller freezer to max. 99 °C, offering unique steam, cooking and regeneration possibilities.

Incl. commissioning check / self-diagnosis check.

(not at 20.10)

With its robust/stainless steel fan and sophisticated design, this blast chiller-freezer achieves optimum efficiency for your products.



When opening the chiller door.

Deployment to storage refrigeration.

Due to special thermal insulation.



Optimal system for the preparation of cooked, baked and regenerated products. Entry includes 2x swivel castors and 2x swivel castors with brake.

See specifications for the number and spacing of the guides.


This stainless steel grid is intended for the preparation of steam, cooking, baking and regeneration products.

View specifications for sizes and number of grids per type.

A sneak preview.

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