Multicooker E4

The Multicooker is a true all-rounder. It cooks, bakes, deep-fries, steams, grills, roasts, preserves, pressure-cooks, low-temperature cooks, and all this at a rapid pace and with perfect results. Because of its maximum productivity, flexible use and minimum consumption of energy and water, the Multicooker pays for itself within a few months.

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Discover the Multicooker.

  • Available in several sizes, from 75 to 900 meals

  • Expandable as desired with a wide range of options and accessories

  • Pressure can be increased to 0.48 bar (!) For 30 to 40% faster cooking

  • Lid and baskets can be lifted automatically and separately from each other

  • Equipped with a high-quality heating system for ultra-fast heating and very good temperature distribution

  • Guaranteed high quality and long life due to its robust construction



The convoMulticooker cooks, bakes, fries, stews, grills, roasts, preserves, cooks under pressure, cooks at a low temperature, all in large quantities, quickly and with perfect results.

The baskets are lifted by a separate drive. This makes it possible to lift the lid without the baskets moving.

The 10″ inch colour touch screen ensures intuitive operation and provides enough space to display the progress of two pans. Switching the screen of the convoMulticooker is therefore not necessary.

The convoMulticooker comes with 350 pre-programmed recipes. Your own recipes can also be pre-programmed and customised programmes can be saved.

All recipes can be linked to a pictogram that visualises the dish, so that one press of the pictogram immediately starts the correct preparation method.

Prepare your dishes and keep them warm for hours.

The pans tilt with a smooth motion and with a choice of 2 speeds (one speed for serving food, one speed for cleaning and maintenance). The tilting axis of the pan allows complete emptying.

With high accuracy.

The contents of the pot can be read from the liquid level indicator in the pot.

The convoMulticooker has integrated sensors that accurately measure the temperature.

Makes it possible to measure the temperature in the middle of the prepared product.


With automatic winding and metal head.


CE, TÜV-SÜD certified.

Helps you to monitor your food safety.

Prevents accidents.

To be able to tilt the pans fully, the button must be kept pressed.


For a cooking process that is 30 to 40% faster and leads to better quality, structure and taste of the final product.

For a seamless connection to your workflow and routing in the kitchen.

For even more precise measurement of the temperature in the centre of the prepared product.

The convoMulticooker E4 100, E4 150 and E4 200 can be equipped with a shallow pan. This makes the convoMulticooker extremely suitable for grilling and baking at an ergonomic height.


Thanks to a special module, it is possible to connect two or more convoMulticookers together to increase capacity easily.

With a fully stainless steel base, you can achieve an ergonomic working height and create extra storage space.

The transport trolley has dimensions of 600 x 780 x 990 mm, weighs 55 kg and has a lifting capacity of 40 kg. The transport trolley offers uncomplicated operation for emptying the pan. The transport trolley is further equipped with a safety handle, a safety attachment for the power cable, hygienic wheels with brakes and intuitive touch controls.

The oil filter trolley has dimensions of 625 x 625 x 1150 mm, weighs 65 kg and has a capacity of 50 litres. The oil filter trolley is ideal for filling and hygienic storage of oil, melting hardened oil, and for safe filtration of oil up to a maximum temperature of 200 C. The oil filter trolley is further equipped with a safety handle, a safety attachment for the power cable, hygienic wheels with brakes and a rotating filler arm.

The trolley has dimensions of 600 x 860 x 1600 mm, weighs 25 kg and offers space for 6 baskets. The trolley is equipped with an easily removable drip tray and hygienic wheels with brakes.

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