Convotherm combi-steamer deluxe

Anyone who has ever worked with a Convotherm knows: Convotherm convinces with leading solutions for better preparation of all your products. Convotherm brings style to the professional kitchen. Top technology, easy handling and hygiene become the standard thanks to the simplicity of the design. All models have intuitive operation. Behind every Convotherm is passion. Perfection, creativity and reliability make your business even more successful. The Convotherm combi steamer deluxe from Devapo consists of a wide range of high-quality combi steamers, suitable for cooking, steaming, poaching, baking, grilling, roasting and regenerating.

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Discover the Convotherm combi steamer deluxe.

  • Wide range of extremely well-equipped drive-in combi-steamers, suitable for all preparation techniques with perfect cooking results.

  • Unique design, ideal for large batches

  • Functional / fully automatic control with choice of easyDial or easyTouch operating concepts

  • Unrivalled reliability and ease of use

  • Minimal operating costs (energy, water and cleaner)


With 12.20, 20.10 & 20.20

The Advanced Closed System (ACS) ensures the best cooking performance in every Convotherm 4. It guarantees perfect steam saturation, automatic moisture adjustment with combi steamers and fast, even heat transfer with hot air. The result: An ideal, consistent climate in the oven compartment for all products, from vegetables, meat and fish to garnishes and baked goods – fresh, frozen or pre-cooked. Even at full load, you consistently achieve very good evenness, softness and crispness. Our ACS works like the lid on the pan, blocking heat and moisture. The temperature rises quickly and less energy and water are needed.

5 levels of dehumidification.

5 levels for optimal baking results.

5 levels of humidification.

5 fan speed levels.

With easyTouch control.

Automatic cooking with speed dials – for optimal process reliability. Inputs such as size, browning degree or core temperature are not required. (only with easyTouch control)

Loading system for preparing several products at the same time. (only with easyTouch control)

Automatic hold programme after preparation. (only with easyTouch control)

Integrated in control panel.


12.20 – 20.10 – 20.20

This Convotherm invention saves space at the workplace for the device and reduces the risk of injury.

  • Ideal for more freedom of movement at work
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and burns at the hot inner door
  • Enables the installation of a larger combi steamer with loading trolley almost anywhere, even in confined spaces

Cold smoke function on the steam pipe. (electric models only)

(electric models only)


This set of slides consists of two slides that can be fitted together in the combi steamer to create a slide system for grids, trays, etc.

See specifications for the number and spacing of the conductors.

Choice of hopper system for preparing baked goods and regeneration.

  • Standard, for person portions on hotAir grids.
  • SG, for multiportions on hotAir grids.
  • GN, for 2/3 or 1/1 GN hanging directly in.

See specifications for the number and spacing of the conductors.

Optimal system for preparing products, where frame can be placed in the oven. You have a choice:

  • Plate system
  • GN system

See specifications for the number and spacing of the conductors.

for keeping warm during transport

Including 14 pairs of slides, height 675 mm.

With this effective extractor hood, you ensure that there is always an optimal indoor climate in your kitchen thanks to its high suction power. Easy operation and low energy consumption make this hood complete. The exhaust hood switches on automatically when the combi steamer is started up. When the door of the combi steamer is opened, the escaping vapour (steam) is also collected in the exhaust hood. The vapour is collected and condensed, so that no external discharge is necessary. An additional filter module reduces the emission of smoke and odours. Noise level 63 dB when door is open and 45 dB in normal operating position (electrical version only)

Use this water filter system to prevent limescale deposits in your oven. Lime scale removal before the inlet of the machine, only in combination with the water inlet and outlet connection set.

Includes pull-out interrupter.

Professional high-performance oven chamber cleaner for semi-automatic cleaning systems as well as for the fully automatic ConvoClean cleaning system.

Professional neutraliser and rinse aid for rinsing and neutralising the furnace chamber.

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