Convotherm combi-steamer mini

The Convotherm combi steamers mini from Devapo consist of a unique range of high-quality combi steamers. Due to its compact width, the mini can be used almost everywhere. This line of combi steamers is suitable for all cooking functions; boiling, steaming, poaching, baking, grilling, roasting and regenerating.

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Explore the Convotherm mini.

  • Wide range of extremely well-equipped combi steamers, suitable for all cooking techniques with perfect cooking results

  • Functional / fully automatic operation with choice of two operating concepts: easyDial or easyTouch

  • Suitable for all preparation techniques with perfect cooking results

  • Unique design, ideal for front cooking

  • Minimal operating costs



Minimal operating costs (only with easyTouch control)

Automatic hold programme after preparation.

3 levels of dehumidification.

With pre-programmed recipes.

Automatic hotkey operation.

Loading system for several products at the same time.

With 20 steps each, (only with easydial control)

With 99 steps each. (only with easyTouch control)

Of all the institutions and choice programmes, Identity Module.

With integrated end stop.

(only with easyDial control)

(only with easyTouch control)

With impact-resistant glass window.



For error recognition and error description.


Roll-in / Roll-out service system incl. rotary tray.

  • Enables installation, service and maintenance work to be carried out ergonomically in any room.
  • The fact that service and maintenance work can easily be carried out (by a single technician) means that the costs of this work are low/controllable.

Integrated condensation hood

  • Ensures optimal steam and condensation drainage so that the kitchen furniture is not affected by moisture.
  • Ensures a good climate in the room where the combi steamer is installed.

Stainless steel finishing curb incl. Filter for finishing in furniture cut-out

  • This finishes the spaces between the cabinet and the combi steamer/condenser hood with piece design.
  • The perforations in this installation frame optimise ventilation of the space between the combi steamer / condenser hood and the cabinet.

The installation of the convotherm combi steamer with this installation set is the only certified one.

Type of substructure in drawers instead of separate cans.

For steam pipe condensation.

With variable water pressure control is integrated and secured in module for under your oven.

Impressive black design makes it ideal for front cooking.

(hinge left)


With this support frame made entirely of stainless steel, you can create an ergonomic working height.

With this support frame made entirely of stainless steel, you can create an ergonomic working height.

Onderstel (open) met 7 paar sledes, hoogte 700 mm The oven can be placed in all working directions, both forwards and sideways.

Use this water filter system to prevent limescale deposits in your oven. Lime scale removal before the inlet of the machine, only in combination with the water inlet and outlet connection set.

Professional high-performance oven chamber cleaner for semi-automatic cleaning systems as well as for the fully automatic ConvoClean cleaning system.

Professional neutraliser and rinse aid for rinsing and neutralising the furnace chamber.

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