gastronomyLine combi-steamer Nano

The Nano combi steamer is the most compact professional combi steamer in the world and extremely suitable for cooking, steaming, poaching, baking, grilling, roasting and regenerating. The Nano is installed with a plug in a 230-volt socket and is very easy to control thanks to the intuitive touchscreen control panel. The aesthetic design makes this combi steamer ideal for front cooking and can be used anywhere thanks to the integrated extractor and water reservoir.

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Discover the gastronomyLine Nano.

  • No external facilities such as extraction and water supply and discharge are required.

  • Advanced Airflow System (AAS), ensures constant and even heating.

  • Sleek design, ideal for front cooking.



The 10 inch color touchscreen guarantees intuitive operation. The progress of programs and any error messages are also shown on the display.

The Nano Touch comes with 250 pre-programmed recipes. Your own recipes can also be pre-programmed. The recipes can be loaded via a USB port.

Offers the possibility to prepare various products at the same time by setting the desired cooking time per loading level.

You decide when the preparation starts.

The direction of rotation of the door can easily be reversed, so that the combi steamer can be perfectly matched to the given space.


Reduces the presence and spread of bacteria.

The door seal is designed in such a way that no dirt gets stuck in between and is easy to clean. This rubber is also easy to replace yourself.

The seamless rounded oven chamber corners make hygienic cleaning easy.


The HACCP data storage automatically registers the date and time of the preparations for you and records which temperatures the product has reached during preparation. This enables reliable control of food safety and HACCP registration. The data can be downloaded via a USB port.


Due to the built-in water reservoir, a fixed water supply and drainage is not necessary. The connection for fixed water supply and drainage is, however, simply present to be able to connect the Nano in no time if desired.

This system ensures fast, constant and even heating.

Due to the delta-T setting, the Nano is also extremely suitable for low-temperature cooking.

The Nano works on water injection. With this technique, water in the oven chamber is converted into steam in order to speed up the cooking process. The integrated water filter removes pollution from the water and thus ensures optimum steam quality and a long service life for the oven.

The Nano is equipped with a self-diagnosis system. This system detects and recognizes errors and gives a message with description in the display. If the Nano detects an error, the emergency mode is switched on, so that the oven remains operational at a maximum power of 160 degrees hot air.

If the Nano detects an error, the emergency mode is switched on, so that the oven remains operational at a maximum power of 160 degrees hot air.

Due to its aesthetic design, the Nano combi steamer is extremely suitable for front cooking.


Integrated automatic condenser.

For measuring and controlling the core temperature.

De standaard afwerking van de Nano is RVS. U heeft ook de optie om te kiezen voor onze ‘Black edition’ waar de afwerking stijlvol zwart is.

Signal when the waste water tank is full to prevent flooding.

The Nano combi-steamer is suitable for built-in.

Specific connection voltages available on request.


A sneak preview.


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