gastronomyLine convection oven Junior

The GastronomyLine convection oven Junior has been specially developed by Devapo for professional regeneration and baking of meals/components and for convenience products. This unique convection oven is equipped with a very functional control. Through two actions (choosing the desired cooking time and temperature) a guaranteed and constant final product is obtained.

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Discover the gastronomyLine convection oven Junior

  • Specially developed for regenerating frozen or chilled products and ideal for the baking of products such as bread, pizzas and snacks

  • Suitable for regeneration in bowls or plates made of stainless steel, plastic, porcelain and aluminium

  • Guaranteed constant and even heating thanks to the Advanced Airflow System (AAS)



With infinity mode included.

With LED lighting.

Buzzer at the end of the programme.

Ensures constant and even heating of an unprecedented magnitude.

For setting temperature and time.

With high-quality oven lighting.



Buzzer at the end of the programme.



By means of the intelligent condensing technology, the escaping steam is condensed, so that no moisture escapes outside the convection oven. This condensation technology improves the climate in the working space. Energy consumption is low and ease of operation is high.

With this support frame made entirely of stainless steel, you can create an ergonomic working height.

With 2 revolving doors.

Underframe (open) with 7 pairs of runners, height 700 mm The oven can be placed in all working directions, both forwards and sideways.

Maximum capacity on a square metre. This stacking kit is for placing the GastronomyLine Junior convection oven on top of each other. This very compact combination option saves a considerable amount of space.

Combination possible.

Roy Hoeijmakers
Roy HoeijmakersManaging director
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