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The Merrychef conneX® high-speed oven prepares a top-quality snack or complete meal with the greatest of ease and within seconds: from crispy grilled sandwiches to perfectly fried salmon or deliciously tender steak. Served complete with chips and vegetables. All this with just the push of a button so that every employee is able to prepare meals. This makes this oven extremely suitable for the grab-and-go market, hotels, restaurants and cafés, for example. With its unrivalled throughput and uncompromising consistency and quality, this oven is guaranteed to beat queues. The operating controller works intuitively, just like your mobile phone, so employees quickly become familiar with using the Merrychef conneX® oven.

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Discover the Merrychef conneX

  • Innovative range of high-speed ovens, ideally suited to the grab-and-go market, hotels, restaurants and cafés.
  • Compact, sleek and stylish.
  • With KitchenConnect© you are always connected to your high speed oven, wherever you are

  • Up to 80% faster than a conventional oven.
  • Intuitive touchscreen with simple icons, controllable by almost anyone.



Sleek and stylish in any place

The oven has an interior space of 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm in relation to an oven width of 35.5 cm. This is the largest oven space at the smallest outer size available. The Merrychef conneX 12 fits on a 600mm deep worktop.

Makes external extraction unnecessary.

Offers up to 80% higher speeds than a conventional oven with the smallest ratio of external size to oven space on the market for high-speed ovens.

UL-certified for use without air extraction, no extractor required. Standard power units and low amp plug.

Fast preheating and cooling, and reduced energy costs when the oven is not in use due to low energy consumption in standby mode.

The noise production is lower than 48 dbA, so the customer environment is not disturbed.

The Merrychef conneX® comes with a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection as standard, providing access to the leading, open cloud platform KitchenConnect®.

For manual menu and software management.

Choose from 37 languages, study dishes and instructions in the extensive media and audio library, change screensavers and control sounds and even your preferences for cleaning the oven.

  • Flat baking tray
  • Oven scoop with protection and side walls
  • Full-size baking tray
  • Cooling sink
  • Coaster for hotplate

The Merrychef conneX® controller features built-in oven statistics to visually display oven performance and focus on aspects of use, such as opening the door before the cooking cycle is complete. Thanks to culinary statistics, you instantly know which menu items are most popular – whether you are preparing fresh or frozen food – and when demand is highest during the day.


Placed behind robust glass with a modern, aesthetic design. The new operating controller works intuitively just like your mobile phone, so employees quickly become familiar with using the Merrychef conneX® oven for consistently good results with every order. Avoids language barriers and reduces training time, operating errors and food waste.

Just one appliance to prepare all kinds of dishes. Both fresh and frozen.

Cooking in this oven is up to 20x faster than with other cooking methods, so hot dishes are ready in no time.

Plug in and the Merrychef conneX® is immediately ready for use. No external extraction is required.

You no longer need to be on site to manage your Merrychef conneX®. KitchenConnect® allows you to monitor all your ovens remotely. You can create, change and update your menus, and monitor how your equipment functions and is used, wherever you are!

Choose from 100 delicious pre-programmed recipes. From paninis to jacket potatoes. These recipes have been compiled and tested by chefs and offer a consistent menu of high-quality hot dishes.

The fully flexible programming allows you to set the temperature, time, fan power and microwave power individually when creating a recipe. The storage for recipes is unlimited. Our culinary specialists will be happy to help you programme your recipes.

The colour touchscreen guarantees intuitive operation. All recipes can be associated with a pictogram that visualises the dish so that one touch on this pictogram immediately starts the correct preparation method. Ideal for frequently changing staff.

Built-in service diagnostics allow service technicians to quickly investigate any malfunctions, minimising service costs and downtime.



So you can switch between meat and vegetable dishes without cleaning the equipment.

Ideal for catering purposes, for example.

For daily cleaning. Our specially formulated cleaner is non-abrasive and will quickly work through grease or food residues with regular use. After cleaning, we recommend coating your oven thinly with the Merrychef oven protector to form a barrier against further grease build-up and make regular cleaning faster and easier.


Thanks to the stainless steel oven cavity with rounded corners and smooth surfaces and the hygienic door seal.

Different coloured accessories for fish, meat, vegetarian, allergens or general for safe and hygienic working.


For the protection of personnel and so that no clearance around the device is required.

Quick cooling function so the oven can be cleaned quickly and safely by staff after use.

A sneak preview.

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