Merrychef high speed oven Eikon

The Merrychef’s cooking times are up to 15 times shorter than conventional ovens. It is the perfect solution for convenience stores, petrol stations, snack bars and hotels offering great crispy food day and night with consistent results. The oven’s controls allow multi-stage programming.

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Discover the Merrychef.

  • Wide range of high-speed ovens, particularly suitable for bake-off shops

  • Unique design

  • Functional/full-automatic easyTouch control

  • Unrivalled

  • Business generator for in your store due to enormous speed, many preparation options and for unskilled staff



With intuitive self-explanatory operation, control in icons and pictures.

The Advanced high-speed system combines 3 technologies in 1 compact solution. Perfectly matched convection, microwave, and air radiation technology bring numerous demanding applications.

With pre-programmed recipes.

And no external extractor needed.

Remotely get all your valuable big data from your own oven for quality control, management board, recipe updating etc. All your stores in one complete overview.

By built-in catalytic converter.


And seamless rounded corners in the oven chamber.


For error recognition and error description.

(only for e1s and e2s)


Roll-in / Roll-out service system incl. rotary tray.

  • Enables installation, service and maintenance work to be carried out ergonomically in any room.
  • The fact that service and maintenance work can easily be carried out (by a single technician) means that the costs of this work are low/controllable.

Integrated condensation hood

  • Ensures optimal steam and condensation drainage so that the kitchen furniture is not affected by moisture.
  • Ensures a good climate in the room where the high-speed oven is installed.

Stainless steel finishing curb incl. Filter for finishing in furniture cut-out

  • This finishes the spaces between the cabinet and the high-speed oven/condensing hood with piece design.
  • The perforations in this built-in frame optimise the ventilation of the space between high-speed oven / condensing hood on the one hand and the cabinet on the other.

Devapo’s certified built-in system stands for guaranteed build quality and complies with standards. The stainless steel FVVD ensures beautiful integration with your kitchen.

With CEE angled connector 1.5 m (5 x 2.5 mm2).

Recessed black design makes it ideal for front cooking.

Inset red design makes it ideal for front cooking.

A sneak preview.

Martijn Jansen
Martijn JansenTeamleader gastronomy & partners
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