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Can eat anywhere, anytime. Because of our busy lifestyle, consumers are more inclined to quickly purchase a hot snack on the way. On street food markets, petrol stations, shop-in-shop, supermarkets, to-go formulas ect. Food retail is growing fast and that requires a flexible solution. With Merrychef we offer the ultimate solution that distinguishes itself in pure speed.

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“Devapo’s products are very user-friendly and fast.”

Devapo Merrychef pizza

Your market in development

Market developments such as health experience, pure and honest taste, convenience and genuine authenticity of the business increasingly determine the visiting behavior of consumers.

Supermarket, station, shopping center or gas station, Devapo offers the solution with Merrychef and Convotherm:

  • Merrychef built-in high speed ovens
  • Merrychef high speed ovens
  • Convotherm built-in combi-steamers
  • Convotherm combi-steamers
  • Convotherm bake-off ovens
  • convoChill blast chiller-freezers and more

As an entrepreneur you are always looking for the right recognition in the retail, always looking for the right mix between hospitality, quality of the product offered and the ultimate “business return”.

Your options

New challenges await the future. Profiling towards the market and offering a recognizable “concept” are the keys to success. Devapo wants to be a partner to help you further optimize your working methods to achieve a maximum end result by investing together and saving costs. Investments are made on the basis of measurable issues such as product quality, flexibility, user-friendliness, returns and the commitment / service orientation of the supplier. Devapo offers customized solutions with the best technology supported by a team of highly trained specialists, whereby respect, integrity and professionalism are always our starting points.

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